Welcome to Stained Glass Workshop, your online source for the best in art glass supplies. We have everything you need in art glass supplies including glass, tools, Odyssey lamp molds, Clarity kaleidoscope kits, Flight into Fantasy figures, grinders, saws, Beetle Bits system, fusing molds and fusing supplies.   Check our SPECIALS for this month. We have great deals on the Zephyr ring saw, Gryphon's Convertible grinder, holiday bevels, Odyssey molds and fusing molds. We also have the newest pattern books and inspirational patterns on CD. Browse our web site for the latest in the world of art glass supplies.
Zephyr Plus Ring Saw
With its round diamond blade and large worksurface, the Zephyr will make the job of cutting the most difficult glass shapes effortless and stress-free. And if you buy one right now, the Zephyr will come with a FREE extra blade. The perfect holiday gift for your favorite glass artisan.
Zephyr Plus Ring Saw -
On Sale- $299.95
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Gryphon Convertible Grinder

Talk about being comfortable while grinding, the Convertible grinder has the option of a slanted worksurface so you can actually sit while you grind. If you like the level position of a traditional grinder, you can convert it in 60 seconds! The Convertible includes 1" & 1/4" grinder heads, a motorized irigation system for cooling the grinder heads, a spacious worksurface, a second story worksurface and a face shield. A superior grinder!
Gryphon Convertible Grinder-
On Sale- $199.95
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Bevel Clusters for the Holidays
Looking for a great gift idea for a friend or relative? Our bevel clusters make a great gift that will go with anyone's decor and add sparkle to any room.
Bevel Clusters -
On Sale.
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Cutter's Mate Cutting System
A precision made tool from Creator's Stained Glass. All you do is guide the weighted cutting head over the surface of the glass and you get a perfect score time after time. It's so easy to use you can cut sitting down!
Cutter's Mate -
On Sale - $199.95
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Toyo Pistol Grip Cutter
The newly updated Toyo Pistol Grip cutter now features their new tap wheel technology. Comfortable to hold and easy to use with it's self-oiling reservoir, the carbide wheel is constantly lubricated as you score glass.
Toyo Pistol Grip Cutter - On Sale- $31.95
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Clarity Kaleidoscope Kits
What a great idea for a gift for the holidays. Make a big splash this year by giving a kaleidoscope that you've made from scrap glass. We have 3 kaleidoscope kits on sale for you to make that will wow your friends and relatives.
Mini-Scope Kit
, MarbleScope Kit, & Aeroscope Kit. On Sale.
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Beetle Bits System
A terrific system for cutting recurring geometric shapes including; rectangles, squares, diamonds and more. Use it with the Flying Beetle cutter for a fool-proof way to cut perfect border strips, mosaic squares or any other straight-line geometric shape.
Beetle Bits System -
On Sale
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