A note from the owner- Our business model has now changed and we intend on specializing in Odyssey related products. We still have over 100 Odyssey molds in stock and a limited amount of hardware, filigrees and jewels. We're hoping to see high quality bases and hardware from a new source in the near future, but only time will tell.   I am entering the semi-retirement phase of my business. We will only be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays to fill orders and take calls. The best way to reach me will be through my email address; jf@sgw.net.
Thank you- Jerry Fotinatos.


Odyssey Lamp Molds
Odyssey lamp molds are professional quality, 360° "full form" fiberglass lamp molds. The molds feature engraved pattern lines, insets for aperture rings, ledges for rim installation, and are impervious to acid fluxes and unaffected by molten solder. This is as fool-proof a system as you can buy to construct an authentic Tiffany replica lamp shade.
All of our Odyssey lamp molds are discounted for huge savings. If you're interested in making a museum quality, Tiffany reproduction lamp shade, this is the only way to go.

Odyssey Lamp Molds

Odyssey Lamp Hardware
Odyssey's hardware is specifically made to fit their molds. Taken from original Tiffany samples, they're made to support the weight of heavy copper-foiled shades.
All of our Odyssey hardware is

Odyssey Hardware

Odyssey Jewels
Odyssey's jewels are specifically made to fit Odyssey molds where the design calls for jewels. The jewels are hand cast, just like the original Tiffany jewels. Internal bubbles and surface irregularities are recreated to give you the hand-made look of the originals.
All of our Odyssey jewels are

Odyssey Jewels

Filigrees for Odyssey Lamps
We now have in stock, filigrees for all the Odyssey lampshades including the Dragonfly, Poppy and Fish shades.
All of our filigrees for Odyssey lamp shades are

Filigrees of Odyssey shade
Tiffany Lamps: A History- Mosaic Shades I
Finally- the much awaited and anticipated ultimate reference guide for the lamps of Tiffany Studios. Written by one of the foremost authorities on Tiffany shades, Paul Crist brings a perspective that no previous author has ever been able to offer. As a working artist and craftsman, Paul has insights to glass making, metal work and artistic glass selection that few in the country can attest to. If you're an admirer of the exquisite work that Tiffany Studios produced, this is a must-have book. A great gift idea for any Tiffany aficionado.
Mosaic Shades- Vol. 1 -

Beetle Bits System
A terrific system for cutting recurring geometric shapes including; rectangles, squares, diamonds and more. Use it with the Flying Beetle cutter for a fool-proof way to cut perfect border strips, mosaic squares or any other straight-line geometric shape.
Beetle Bits System - On

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