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GRYPHON CONVERTIBLE GRINDER - A new spin on glass grinders. The Convertible grinder has the ability to lower the front of the worksurface at an incline to make it easier to see what you're grinding. No longer do you have to stoop over the grinder to see- you can now either stand up straight, or sit down, and relieve strain on your back. If you prefer to have your worksurface horizontal, just twist the base back to it's normal position and you have a conventional glass grinder.

Do not mistake the Convertible for its predecessor, the Twister. The new Convertible grinder features an electric pump that works independently of the motor and automatically supplies a reliable and constant flow of water directly to the grinding bit regardless of worksurface orientation (the old Twister had a pump that worked off the motor and was less reliable). The ample supply of water that the pump offers insures longer grinder bit life due to the superior cooling. The use of a sponge is optional with the electric pump. The Gryphon Convertible grinder includes two standard grinder bits; a 1" diameter and 1/4" diameter bit (the Twister used proprietary slip-on bits). You can of course use other size bits that Gryphon offers as well as bits from other manufacturers (with a 5/16" shaft allowance). The Convertible features a powerful 1/5 HP DC motor and includes the above-mentioned electric pump, a spacious 14" x 11" worksurface, a second story platform for use with the 1/4" head, and a face shield. Gryphon backs your purchase with a five year limited warranty.

Gryphon grinder heads can be found here.

Gryphon Convertible Grinder
(#3501) - MSRP-
On Sale- $215.95

Convertible Replacement Worksurface
(#3511) - $19.95

On Sale- $16.95

Replacement 2nd Story Worksurface
(#3512) - $16.95
On Sale- $12.95

Replacement Face Shield (no stand)
(#3513) - $6.95
On Sale- $4.95

STUDIO GRINDER- The Gryphon Studio grinder offers top performance at a modest price. With its 1/5 HP DC motor running at 3000 rpm, you never have to worry about the grinder slowing down even with heavy use. Its 1” grinder head is kept wet by the gravity-fed coolant tower delivering the right amount of water to the grinder head at all times. An optional 1/4" head can be mounted directly on top of the 1" head and the coolant tower will irrigate that head as well. A convenient face shield is included with each grinder, and the ample 9.75” x 9” worksurface and rugged construction make the grinder a pleasure to use. Five year warranty.

Gryphon grinder heads are found here.

Gryphon Studio Grinder
On Sale- $119.95

Studio Replacement Worksurface
(#3516) -
On Sale- $10.95

Replacement Face Shield (no stand)
(#3513) - $6.95
On Sale- $4.95

Studio Grinder

Replacement face shield with stand- worksurface not included

Gryphette Grinder

Face Shield with Stand
Worksurface not included
GRYPHETTE GRINDER- One of the most economical glass grinders you can buy. It may have a small footprint but it houses a powerful .67 amp motor spinning at 3000 rpm. Even if you were to use a 1" grinder bit, it's virtually impossible to stall the motor. The Gryphette grinder comes equipped with a 3/4" grinder head and and has a 6.75" x 6.75" worksurface. It accepts larger and smaller grinder heads with a 5/16" shaft allowance. This is the perfect entry-level grinder for the occasional glass artist, student or classroom. Gryphon backs the grinder with a 5 year limited warranty.

Gryphon grinder heads are found here.

Gryphon Gryphette Grinder
On Sale- $89.95

Gryphette Replacement Worksurface
(#3516) -
On Sale- $10.95

Gryphette Face Shield with Stand
(#3514) -
On Sale- $11.95

Replacement Face Shield (no stand)
(#3513) - $6.95
On Sale- $4.95