INLAND DB-100 - The DB-100 band saw cuts many types of materials including; glass, stone, ceramic tile, marble, porcelain, plastics, shells and more. The DB-100 makes cutting the most intricate shapes easy. A stainless steel diamond blade is included with the machine and optional WoodCut and MetalCut blades may be purchased separately. A five part spring-loaded tension system, molded into the frame, insures proper wheel alignment, simple blade setup and perfect tracking hour after hour. The motor type is permanent magnet, high torque, with built in speed control. The coolant system provides a continuous, regulated flow of clean coolant to the diamond blade for wet sawing. The DB-100's work surface is corrosion resistant and measures 9" x 10". The body frame, cover and water reservoir are molded entirely from structural grade thermoplastic. All frame and interior support walls are extra thick for maximum strength and durability.

DB-100 Band Saw (#2248) - $379.95
On Sale - $349.95
DB-100 Diamond Blade (#2248DB) - $69.95
On Sale - $64.95
DB-100 WoodCut Blade (#2248WB) - $19.95
When ordering 3 or more- $16.95 each
DB-100 MetalCut Blade (#2248MB) - $19.95
When ordering 3 or more- $16.95 each
DB-100 Blade Sert (#2248-BS) - $3.25
When ordering 12 or more- $2.75 each

GRYPHON WIRE SAW - Gryphon's Diamond Wire Saw uses a round blade to cut glass in any direction. Since the blade is straight rather than a continuous ring, the blades are relatively inexpensive. A built-in light focuses directly on the cutting blade. The saw stands 19" tall and 14" square with a perforated 12" worksurface to allow coolant to pass through. Three blades are included.

Three types of blades are available for the Wire Saw. Standard blades are a good general purpose blade with good cutting speed and a nice finished edge. Fine blades are good for cutting dichroic or other delicate glass giving the smoothest edge to your glass. Slitting blades cut only on the front or back but are the fastest cutting blades and provide the narrowest kerf.

Gryphon Wire Saw (#4950) - $395.00
On Sale - $359.95
Gryphon Turbo Standard Blades- 100 grit- 3/Pak
(#4950B) $27.95- On Sale - $22.95
Gryphon Turbo Fine Blades- 120 grit- 3/Pak -
(#4950F) $28.95- On Sale - $23.95
Gryphon Turbo Slitting Blades- 3/Pak -
(#4950S) $29.95- On Sale - $24.95