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The New Mini Surface Plus now comes in two pieces and measures 15.75" x 22.5" when snapped together. The worry of glass chips scattered on your work table or floor is eliminated because the chips fall below the worksurface into the cells. Since the surface remains free of glass chips, you no longer have to worry about scratching your glass or cutting your hands. And since the Mini Surface Plus is now modular, you can add more surfaces to make your worksurface larger as you need them.

To create what used to be the size of the Maxi Surface, buy
two sets of the Mini Surface Plus. It will create a surface almost identical to the Maxi Surface, measuring 22.5" x 31.5". The double Mini Surface Plus is better suited for cutting larger sheets of glass which are in the range of 2 - 3 sq. ft.

Mini Surface Plus
(#4101) Reg.- $39.95
On Sale- $33.95

PORTABLE GLASS SHOP - The Portable Glass Shop has plug-in features that transform the Morton Surfaces into a very accurate jig system. From glass strips the Glass Shop makes all kinds of geometric shapes including; rectangles, squares, diamonds, triangles, trapezoids, hexagons and octagons. The Portable Glass Shop now also includes the Quick Angle kit for copying any angle shown in a pattern book and transferring it directly to the Glass Shop. The other components included in the PGS are: cutting bar, squaring fence, cutter slide, 2 squaring blocks, 2 bar locks, 3 glass stops, 3 quick angles, fence extension, 12" ruler, cutter gauge and bar spacer.
The instruction booklet has been greatly imporoved and there are now videos on Morton's web site to help you get started in using the Portable Glass Shop. A 22" cutting bar is included as standard equipment with the Portable Glass Shop, and a 31" long Studio Bar can be purchased separately for cutting longer strips. Surfaces sold separately.

Portable Glass Shop
(#4103) Reg.- $119.95
On Sale- $99.95
PGS Components
worksurface purchased separately (above)

The Studio Bar is 31" long and is ideal for cutting on the Maxi Surface. You can now cut 2 and 3 sq. ft. sizes of glass easily with the Studio Bar because it's just as long as the Maxi Surface. Made of thick aluminum, the bar gives you an excellent edge to guide your cutter along as you make those long straight cuts!! The Studio Bar is 9" longer than the cutting bar included in the Portable Glass Shop.

Studio Bar
Price- $19.95

The CUTTER CADDY works with the Morton surfaces and is a great organizer. It stores all you pens and pencils so they're right at your fingertips whenever you need them. Cutter Caddys can also be used with your cutting bar and surfaces for cutting larger pieces of glass.
Cutter Caddy
(#4126)- Price- $5.95