PROFESSIONAL LIBRARY SERIES DVD - Three of Vicki Payne’s top-selling titles in one DVD. More people have learned to create stained glass projects using the techniques shown on these professional videos than any others. It’s like having your own personal instructor right in your own home. You have the benefit of great close-up shots and you can start and stop the lesson at your own discretion. Vicki’s 3 most popular videos are included; “Art of Cutting” (45 mins.), “Art Glass Construction” (50 mins.), and “Professional Soldering Techniques” (60 mins.) all at a package price. You can’t beat the quality of the instruction nor the terrific value.

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THE ART OF CUTTING DVD- Vicki Payne- Cutting various glass shapes is easy once you master the art of cutting. Glass artisan and instructor, Vicki Payne, explains and demonstrates each step necessary to develop your cutting skills. Learn how to work with a paper pattern, light box cutting techniques, and production cutting using a strip and circle cutter. By watching Vicki, and then practicing yourself, you will learn hundreds of techniques and tips that will increase your ability and boost confidence when cutting any type of glass. Throughout the DVD, you will learn how to cut all the various types of art glass and master their unique characteristics. 45 mins. DVD.
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ART GLASS CONSTRUCTION DVD - Learn how to assemble all types of lead, zinc and copper foil windows. You will learn how to select and stretch lead cames, use a glass grinder to achieve the perfect fit, square-up a panel for soldering, and framing your work in zinc or brass. Round, square, small or large windows will be a snap for you to make. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a master artist... in your own home, at your own pace. 50 mins. DVD.

  • (#7310-9503) reg.- $19.95... CLOSE-OUT- $11.97

PROFESSIONAL SOLDERING TECHNIQUES DVD- Vicki Payne- Vicki takes the mystery out of getting even, consistent solder seams. She'll improve your soldering skills no matter what skill level you may have. Covers soldering copper foil seams as well as lead came and includes safety tips, selection of soldering tools, care and maintenance of soldering equiipment. The most comprehensive soldering video ever produced. 60 mins. DVD.
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MOSAICS - In this 60 minute DVD, Vicki Payne demonstrates 2 of her latest mosaic projects. The first project is a whimsical, yet functional mosaic purse. She transforms an ordinary wooden box into a work of art accented with glass, jewels, beads and paint. The second project is a beautiful mosaic table top. This seemingly complicated project becomes easy with Vicki's clear and concise, step-by-step instructions. 60 min. DVD

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GLASS FUSING & SLUMPING TECHNIQUES - Vicki Payne takes you step-by-step through two fusing projects with easy to understand, uncomplicated instructions. Learn how to work with fusing compatible glass products to create two beginner projects; a coaster and a vase.
You’ll learn how to set-up your work area and master basic glass cutting techniques. You’ll design your first piece, get it ready to fire, and learn how to fire and anneal it. Your second project, a glass vase, will develop your fusing knowledge by slumping glass over various shapes. You’ll learn how to prepare both ceramic and metal slumping molds, as well as working with stringers and frit. 60 mins. DVD

  • (#7310-9907) reg.- $19.95... CLOSE-OUT- $11.97

KILN FORMED BRACELETS AND WATCH BANDS - In this 90 minute DVD, Jayne Persico shows you how to make designer curved glass bracelets and watch bands using a glass kiln. Learn how to design, cut glass, kiln set up, fire glass, as well as sizing, bracelet forming, watch band designing and wire wrapping.

  • (#7310-9708) reg.- $19.95... CLOSE-OUT- $11.97

THE BASICS OF ART CLAY SILVER JEWELRY - Learn to create beautiful real silver jewelry without investing in expensive jewelry making tools and years of training. Jackie Truty, artist, author, and president of Art Clay World USA, shares her expertise as she teaches the basics of working with Art Clay Silver. Everything from selecting the correct materials for each project to working with the clay to create the shapes and effects you desire and finishing the piece to unbelievable beauty.
Two projects are featured on the 60 minute DVD. The first is a silver snowflake pendant. Using Art Clay Silver, simple tools and a design punch, Jackie Truty shows you how to work with this pure silver material to yield the perfect results. Then she take the project to the next level as she adds glass enamel colors to the project.
You will also learn to make a silver fused glass ring. Follow step-by-step instructions on sizing the ring for the perfect fit and how to incorporate fused glass into your Art Clay Silver projects. Discover the perfect firing schedule to ensure the success of your projects. Ms. Truty shows you how to finish the ring to achieve a beautiful, professional looking piece of real silver jewelry. 60 mins. DVD

  • (#7310-9902) reg.- $19.95... CLOSE-OUT- $11.97

HOW TO REPAIR STAINED GLASS PANELS - It's heartbreaking when a piece of stained glass gets broken. But even a novice glass worker can learn how to successfully repair a stained glass panel. Vicki Payne shows you how to repair both copper foil and lead came panels in this 60 minute DVD. Save money doing your own repair work and restore glass panels to their original beauty. Vicki shares professional tips and techniques that you can't afford not to know. DVD. 60 minutes.

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TRADITIONAL LEADED GLASS WINDOWS - Vicki Payne shows you how to make 3 different traditional stained glass designs using the lead came technique. You’ll learn how to cut textured ripple glass, work with a light box, stretch and manipulate lead came, and finish your leaded panel in zinc came. Vicki will also show you how to make your leaded panel look like a great antique with patina. The three window projects include an authentic Art Nouveau, a Floral, and an Art Deco double-hung window. You’ll get to review all the basic steps plus step-by-step instructions for installing your panels into an existing window. 70 min. DVD

  • (#7310-9901) reg.- $19.95... CLOSE-OUT- $11.97

LEARN STAINED GLASS & MOSAICS - Creating real stained glass projects is lots of fun and easier than ever. Working with Vicki Payne'e pre-cut glass kits you can create beautiful projects in an afternoon with no prior glass working experience. There's 3 projects that you'll learn to make watching the DVD. You'll learn how to make a suncatcher and apply copper foil, solder like a glass artist and apply wire to give your projects a finished professional look. You'll also watch Vicki create an 8" x 10" stained glass panel using her pre-cut glass kits and the techiniques used to make the suncatcher. Using a pre-cut glass kit to make a mosaic is Vicki's third project. Laying out the design, glueing the glass in place, and cutting additional glass pieces for backgrounds and borders are also covered in this video. You'll also learn how to grout your mosaic project and protect your artwork from stains and moisture.

  • (#7310-9904) reg.- $19.95... CLOSE-OUT- $11.97