The Worden system is a flexible lamp making system allowing the lampmaker many options in reusing the same mold. Worden's full 360° lamp molds accept Worden's "Magic Strip™" patterns; just change the pattern to reuse the mold. To make a Worden lamp you need to purchase a mold and a pattern.

When an item code has a P at the end of it you are purchasing a pattern (pattern copy and assembly copy) only- mold not included.

When an item code has an S at the end of it, the pattern is printed on the mold and you'll also get a separate pattern for cutting the glass.

When an item code has a K at the end of it, there are accessories included (filigree or slumped fruit, etc.) with the pattern- mold not included.

To make a Worden lamp you need to purchase a mold and a pattern. Worden's sectional lamp molds are reusable molds that accept Worden's "Magic Strip™" patterns. As implied, these molds are a portion of the lamp. In some cases the mold is 1/6, 1/3 or 1/4 of the overall lamp. You construct sections of the shade and then attach the sections together. With multiple pattern options for each mold, the Worden system is a flexible lamp making system allowing you to reuse the same mold. Just change the pattern to reuse the mold.

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To purchase a pattern for your mold, type in the style number shown below in our SEARCH box and our system will come back with a description, price and "Add to Cart" button to place that item in your shopping cart. Be sure to put a zero in front of a single digit (ie; 01 rather than 1).

Full Form 13" Globe Designs
WGF13-01P Rose Bouquet $26.00
WGF13-02P Balloon Lamp $20.00
WGF13-03P Stylized Tulip $26.00

Full Form 16" Globe Designs
WGF16-07K Little Apple Kit with Apples $62.00
WGF16-10P Tulip $26.00
WGF16-24 Rose Bouquet $27.00

Full Form 18" Modified Cone Designs
WCF18-04P Peony $28.00
WCF18-05P Victorian Tulip $26.00
WCF18-09P Rose Border $26.00
WCF18-10P Chew'n Cow $28.00
WCF18-11P Four Little Pigs $28.00
WCF18-12P Floral Border $28.00
WCF18-14P Wild Rose $28.00
WCF18-16P Waterlily $28.00
WCF18-17P Loon/Filigrees $60.00

W10 Sectional Designs- 10" Diameter
WW10-07P Rose Border $16.00

G11 Sectional Designs- 11" Diameter
WG11-03P Acorn $17.00
WG11-04P Woodbine $17.00
WG11-05P Pansy $19.00
WG11-07P Magnolia $17.00

G13 Sectional Designs- 13" Diameter
WG13-01P Begonia $23.00
WG13-02P Dogwood $23.00
WG13-06P Pansy $19.00
WG13-08P Puffin/Geometric $17.00
WG13-09P Teddy Bear $17.00

G16 Sectional Designs- 16" Diameter
WG16-01P Art Nouveau $18.00
WG16-02P Rococo $16.00
WG16-05P Daisy $18.00
WG16-09P Floral Border $13.00
WG16-11P Baroque $19.00
WG16-12P Rose Border $19.00
WG16-14P Fleur de Lis $18.00
WG16-15P Acorn $18.00
WG16-16P Pomergranate $18.00
WG16-17P Mushroom $18.00
WG16-18P Bell Flower $18.00
WG16-19P Fruit Globe $15.00

L18 Sectional Designs- 18" Diameter
WL18-02P Daffodil $24.00

W18 Sectional Designs- 18" Diameter
WW18-05P Cherry Tree $30.00
WW18-06P Periwinkle $22.00
WW18-07P Old Rose $22.00
WW18-08P Peacock $24.00
WW18-09P Tulip $24.00
WW18-11P Teddy Bear $22.00
WW18-13P Style Leaf $16.00

G19 Sectional Designs- 19.5" Diameter
WG19-P 19" Sectional Blank Mold $21.00
WG19-01P Geometric $22.00
WG19-02P Baroque $25.00
WG19-06P Verde Antique $18.00
WG19-08P Rococo $18.00
WG19-10P American Indian $22.00
WG19-11P Molcany Art $22.00

C20 Sectional Designs- 20" Diameter
WC20-01P 20" Hanging Leaves $18.00
WC20-04P Rococo $22.00
WC20-05P Rose Border $20.00
WC20-06P 2 Border Geometric $18.00
WC20-08P Tiffany Colonial $22.00
WC20-09P Fleur de Lis $18.00
WC20-10P Spread Dragonfly/no Filigrees $22.00
WC20-11P Duck Lamp $22.00
WC20-12P Rose $18.00
WC20-13P Molcany Rose $20.00
WC20-15P Ten Pin $20.00
WC20-17P Pennsylvania Dutch $22.00
WC20-18P Iris $21.00

P20 Sectional Designs- 20" Diameter
WP20-02P Buttons & Bows $16.00
WP20-04P Rose $18.00
WP20-08P Cattail $20.00
WP20-11P Ten Pin $20.00
WP20-12P Country Kids/Rocking Horse $20.00
WP20-13P Country Tulips $20.00

SC20 Sectional Designs- 20" Diameter
WSC20-02P Floral $18.00
WSC20-05P Tulip $18.00
WSC20-07P Floral Border $18.00

RC22 Sectional Designs- 22" Diameter
WRC22-02P Ribbon Art Nouveau $24.00
WRC22-06P Cherry Tree $28.00
WRC22-11P Roman Tiffany $22.00
WRC22-13P Big Apple $20.00
WRC22-15P Tiffany Rose $22.00
WRC22-17K Impatients with Filigrees $61.00

B24 Sectional Designs- 24" Diameter
WB24-03P Happy Hour $24.00
WB24-08P Floral Border $24.00
WB24-10P Butterfly $24.00
WB24-12P Stylized Grape $24.00