The Flying Beetle Cutter is the perfect accessory to the Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System. The Flying Beetle rides on the cutting bar of the Beetle Bits System and "flies" up and down the bar. The cutting head is always at a perfect 90° angle to the glass giving you a perfect score every time. All you need to do is apply slight pressure to the black button to engage the carbide cutting wheel to the glass. When used with Creator's Waffle Grid, the brightly colored pointer on the Flying Beetle aligns directly with the lines of the Waffle Grid making it very easy to see where the score line is going to be. The Flying Beetle features a high quality carbide cutting head for hours and hours of use.

We have demonstrated the Flying Beetle Cutter used along with the
Beetle Bits Cutting System in our showroom and have had absolute neophites cut perfect strips. The strips come out the same size time after time, much to their amazement. The Beetle Bits System with Flying Beetle Cutter is virtually fool-proof.

Flying Beetle Glass Cutter Features
Flying Beetle Cutter on
23" Straight Edge
Flying Beetle Glass Cutter Close-Up
  • Designed for use with the Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System.
  • Glides effortlessly back and forth on the straight-edge cutting bar of the Beetle Bits System.
  • Made from impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • Features a high quality carbide cutter head for hours of use and replaces easily in seconds.
  • Does not require oil, though cutting head may be dip-lubricated if desired. Cutter head lifts out easily from holder.
  • Flying Beetle Cutter can be placed on either side of the straight edge bar making it convenient for lefties or righties. Just lift it off the bar and turn it around. Couldn't be simpler.
Flying Beetle Glass Cutter
(#5257)- Reg. $47.95
SALE PRICE - $35.95
Creator's Carbide Cutter Head
(#2460R)- Reg. $19.95

Creator's Oil Well
(#5252)- Reg. $3.95
SALE PRICE - $3.39