A terrific new cutting system for precision cutting of recurring geometric shapes including; strips, rectangles, squares, diamonds and more. Imagine cutting border strips, sides of glass boxes, squares for mosaics, so precisely that you could compare the results to any professional craftsperson. That's the capability of the Beetle Bits System!

Two notable improvements that the Beetle Bits system features over other existing cutting systems that we've tested are their Compass Dial and the Flying Beetle Cutter. The Compass Dial Beetle Rest swivels and allows you to readily see exactly what angle you're planning to cut. The base of the Swivel Rest has an indicator marking the exact angle the 23" Straight Edge is positioned to. Lock the Straight Edge in place with one of the two Adjustable-Angle Beetle Rests and you're ready to cut. You can also set the Straight Edge to the other side of your worksurface to reproduce the exact same angle. Score the glass with your own cutter or you can purchase the
Flying Beetle Glass Cutter. It attaches to the Straight Edge and score glass flawlessly every time. The Flying Beetle cutter rides on the Straight Edge, glides up and down the arm without wavering and with its carbide cutter head, it travels perpendicular to glass making a perfect score time after time. All you do is apply slight pressure to the spring loaded cutter and you will achieve perfect alignment consistently. We have had absolute novices cut strips with this system yielding perfect results in less than 5 minutes!!

The Beetle Bits System requires a
Waffle Grid, or a Morton Surface (we suggest the Waffle Grids; 4 or 6 pack). You can use your own glass cutter, but we suggest purchasing a Flying Beetle Cutter with your Beetle Bits System for ease of use and accuracy.

Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System Features

Beetle Bits System and Waffle Grid
Flying Beetle Cutter on
23" Straight Edge
  • Two adjustable angle rests- one for each side of the worksurface.
  • One stationary straight-edge rest for making perpendicular cuts.
  • One swiveling rest, functioning as the Compass Dial with indicator for making angled cuts.
  • Two multi-directional glass stops.
  • 23" Straight Edge which serves as the cutting bar.
  • 18" ruler which serves as your base and zero point.
  • Oil Well for dip-lubricating the cutter head.

Complete Beetle Bits System with Flying Beetle Cutter & 4 Waffle Grids
(#5270-04)- Reg. $201.85

Beetle Bits System
(#5256)- Reg. $99.95
SALE PRICE - $79.95

Flying Beetle Glass Cutter
(#5257)- Reg. $49.95
SALE PRICE - $40.95

Complete Beetle Bits System with Flying Beetle Cutter & 6 Waffle Grids
(#5270-06)- Reg. $219.85

Waffle Grid 6-Pack
(#5255-06)- Reg. $69.95
SALE PRICE - $55.95

Waffle Grid 4-Pack
(#5255-04)- Reg. $51.95
SALE PRICE - $41.95