Do you have a limited amount of space to work in, or do you work with small pieces of glass, typically less than 13" x 13"? The mini version of Beetle Bits System is the answer for you.

The Beetle Bits Mini glass cutting system is the same exact system as its big brother except for the size of the straight edges and a few less pieces. The system is specifically made for precision cutting of recurring geometric shapes including; strips, rectangles, squares, diamonds and more. Imagine cutting border strips, sides of glass boxes, squares for mosaics, so precisely that you could compare the results to any professional craftsperson. That's the capability of the Beetle Bits Mini System!

The main differences between the original system and the mini system are the length of the straight edges and the quantity of the parts. The cutting bar in the Mini Kit is 18" long (rather than 23" long) and the measuring ruler is 14" long (rather than 24"). The Mini kit has one glass stop and one angle rest, instead of 2 each in the original Beetle Bits System. For more information on the original Beetle Bits System,
click here.

The beauty of this package is that the Mini Kit includes the
Flying Beetle Cutter and 2 Waffle Grids. These two items are normally sold separately. Right out of the box you're ready to cut perfect strips and geometric shapes! Additional Waffle grids can be added to your system, when and if you need them. If you've ever had a difficult time cutting strips or squares, this is unquestionably the easiest way to do it. It's virtually foolproof!

Beetle Bits Mini Kit Features
Beetle Bits Mini System and
2 Waffle Grids
  • Flying Beetle Cutter.
  • 2 Waffle Grids.
  • 18" straight edge which serves as the Cutting Bar.
  • 14" ruler which serves as your base and zero point.
  • Swivel Rest with Compass Dial for cutting angles.
  • 90° cutting bar rest.
  • 1 multi-directional Glass Stop.
  • 1 adjustable angle rest for cutting angles.
  • Ruler positioner.
  • oil well for lubricating cutter.
Flying Beetle Cutter on
18" Straight Edge

Beetle Bits Mini Kit including Flying Beetle Cutter & 2 Waffle Grids
(#5271)- Reg. $119.85
SALE PRICE - $99.95